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Stop compromising rod holder standards by forcing a decision between holding a bait caster, spinning reel, offshore reel, or fly reel.  The RAILBLAZA Rod Holder II will hold any type of rod and reel, with quick adjustments. The rotating collar helps reduce ‘strike-theft’ and the rear gimble lock reduces rod rotation for compatible rods.  This rod holder is fully adjustable 360 degrees around and over 90 degrees vertically.  Like all RAILBLAZA accessories, this the Rod Holder II fits all RAILBLAZA bases. No hardware is needed for accessory installation because the RAILBLAZA port based system is not included. 

Rod Holder II

SKU: 004063
    • Rod Holder II is compatible with baitcasting, spinning, offshore, and fly reels 
    • Rotating collar helps prevent “strike theft” 
    • The possible rotation of 360 degrees 
    • 90-degree vertical rotation 
    • Available in black or white 
    • Base not included 
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