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The ultimate low profile storage pocket, specifically designed to hang lures, hold leaders, line, tackle boxes, mobile phones and more. Easily mounted to any flat surface on your kayak, boat, cooler or tinny.

Organise your boat or kayak the right way with a Jig Bucket. These are made to be mounted to any flat surface on the sides of kayaks or boats using the 6 self-tapping screws provided.  Great for storing tackle boxes, soft plastics, mobile phones, fishing line, and much more. These pockets feature two handy pockets for hanging hooks, lures and are produced with a drain hole for easy drainage on your kayak or boat.

Dimensions: 295mm (11.6″) L x 105mm (4″) W x  either 45mm (1 3/4″) or 25mm (1″) H

Jig Bucket 25mm

SKU: BP1221
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