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With the RAILBLAZA® Camera Mount Kit onboard your boat, you'll keep your action camera on you while you fish, and when the big one finally does strikes, you'll have visual proof to show your friends and family. The camera mount's bottom end is made to quickly and easily secure into any RAILBLAZA mount. On the other end, it offers the universally accepted 1/4 20" screw and a GoPro® Tripod adapter. With these, you will be able to safely secure almost any action camera, which includes GoPro, Contour, Garmin®, Sony®, Panasonic, and more. Once in place, the RAILBLAZA Camera Mount has an adjustable, elbow-style friction joint, and an upper and lower point that feature locking and unlocking 360° rotation. Combined, these 3 adjustment points give you the freedom to position and lock your camera at almost any angle you can imagine. Plus, these 3 points are easily adjusted and locked into place in seconds. Its lightweight and rigid structure is made of high-quality, waterproof, and UV-proof materials. The top camera mount adapter can easily be removed to expose a Starport lock, which can then be used as a low-profile mount for other RAILBLAZA products.

Camera Mounting Kit

SKU: 004711
    • Mounts action camera to boat to capture exiting fishing footage
    • Positions and locks camera at almost any angle imaginable
    • Bottom end secures into any RAILBLAZA mount
    • Top end offers a 1/4 20" screw or a GoPro Tripod adapter
    • Fits most action camera brands – GoPro, Contour, Garmin, Sony, Panasonic, and more
    • High-quality, waterproof, UV-proof construction
    • Serves as a low-profile mount for other RAILBLAZA products
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