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Fishing for Tarpon is often about speed. How quickly can you get a cast in the right spot and how quickly can you deliver a fly to a moving Tarpon? SA designed the Amplitude Tarpon Fly Line to cater to anglers who need to deliver flies quickly to moving or laid-up fish. As such, the Amplitude Tarpon has a short head for quick rod loading, improved shooting capabilities, and accuracy when it matters. This line will also help you throw a variety of flies in a multitude of scenarios so that you won’t ever miss that shot of a lifetime at the Silver King. It’ll also stand up to the elements (and to really large fish) for years of angling on the water. If you’re a Tarpon fanatic, this fly line is for you.

Amplitude Tarpon - WF12F

SKU: 129039
  • WF12F100.0'395gr/25,6g36.0'Floating

    Line Weight Length Head Weight Head Length Sink Rate
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